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  How to replace your old asset tag system  
  Whether you recently realized that a few of your asset tags had the same number or you just wanted to switch to a barcoding system, you may wish to replace your current asset tag system.

The length of this process depends on how many assets you have, of course, as well as your own level of organization, but the benefits of having a coherent asset tracking system usually outweigh the costs, and you’ll probably find that putting one in place is easier than you think.

One hint: when you’re looking into new tags, make sure that they look different enough from your old tags that they won’t get confused, and be sure to get tags that are consecutively numbered. This will help you out if you’re choosing to digitize your inventory using barcode tags.

  1. Gather everything that has an old asset tag on it. Ideally, you’ll want to label everything at once, to save time and prevent confusion.

  2. Next, you’ll need to remove any old asset tags that are affixed to your goods. Since most asset tags are designed to last for a long time, they’re a bit harder to remove than, say, the sticker on your morning banana. Knowing how to go about removal can minimize the difficulty and save you some tears.

  3. As with other strongly adhesive stickers, likeparking violation stickers, the best method for removal is probably also the most obvious – using a razorblade is the preferred method for asset tag removal. In most cases, removal will leave a sticky residue, which is easily treated with products likeWD40or GooGone.

  4. Now that the hard part is over, pat yourself on the back and get started with the relabeling process. After a quick cleaning of the surface, affix a new asset tag to each item of your inventory.
  5. A few tips:

    • Be sure to place them in locations where they will be visible if needed, but that are otherwise unobtrusive.

    • Don’t obscure any important information, like a laptop’s serial number.

    • Place the tags carefully in order to minimize air bubbles under the surface, as this could weaken the strength of the adhesive.

    • Working with a clean surface is important, too, since dust can cause air bubbles. Using a roller can also be effective at removing air bubbles, as when hanging wallpaper.

  6. After you’ve labeled everything, put it back where it belongs, and then you’re finished! You now have a new asset tag system in place, and your inventory is better off for it.

Asset Tag Label

Admittedly, it’s easier to put a new asset tag label on than it is to take an old one off.
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