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  Why barcode asset tags save time and money  
  If you’re looking to buy asset tags, most vendors will give you the option to include numbers or barcodes. Depending on the size of your asset collection, either or both may work well for you. If you’re only keeping track of a small number of things, labels with numbers tend to work well.

Numbers also work especially if you prefer to manually record asset usage, since numbers are significantly easier to write down than are barcodes. Numbers also don’t require you to have anything more than a pen and a notepad to manage your assets.

Numbered asset tag systems don’t make sense for everyone, though. If you have a large number of assets to keep track of, barcodes may be a better option for you. Here are some of the advantages:

  • A barcoding system allows you to take advantage of time-saving and efficient technology in an increasingly digital world. QR codes can send users to websites or encode virtually any kind of information you can imagine, giving your barcodes unprecedented flexibility.
  • Using barcodes can take a large element of human error out of the equation. Since the machine is scanning the barcodes, you’ll never again have to wonder if you’re looking at a strange-looking 2 or a 7 with a tail.

  • You’ll save an immense amount of time in transcription. Instead of flipping pages through a binder to locate and checkout an item and then writing down an unnecessarily long number, barcode systems require little more than a simple scan.

  • Barcoding systems can even save you money. In fact,a 2005 FBI study showed that 15.5% of businesses surveyed had experienced computer theft within the preceding 12 months. Asset tags can be helpful not only in assigning culpability, but also in getting assets back, as they can be customized to carry a distinctive mark.

Barcoding systems are clearly efficient, and can allow you to manage your inventory and assets in a time- and money-saving fashion. Every asset tagging system is different, though, and knowing your options to create the best system for you and your company can be critical in facilitating productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Equipment Asset Tags

You can scan this tag in seconds with an iPhone.
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