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  Where should metal asset tags be used?  
  No one will argue with the near-universal usefulness of the plastic asset tags for items bound to stay indoors – they’re economical, easy to read, and in many cases, they’ll last through three or more years of tough service. There’s no question that they’re not the best product for use outside, though; rain, dirt, extreme temperatures and long-term exposure to sunlight can all degrade plastic tags’ adhesives and appearance, causing them to warp or age more quickly.

Instead of sticking a vinyl tag on your items and hoping for the best, try aluminum tags for extra durability in either difficult weather or extreme temperatures. Rated to last for ten years through wind, snow, rain, hail, and whatever temperatures you can throw at them. Ideal for construction applications, these bicoloranodizedaluminum tags can be printed withas many barcodes and branding options as any other – first they’re die-cast and then anodized with any pattern already in, leaving the metal hardened enough to take any punishment you can mete out.

Aluminum asset tags tend to be used by physically demanding businesses like construction companies and manufacturers, companies that extract and process raw materials like iron smelters or coal miners, who use them for essential tools and even vehicles. Although rigid AlumiGuard™ tags are the most durable, they aren’t always suitable for curved or irregular shapes.

That’s where PlioGuard™ asset tags step in – these soft (annealed) aluminum tags are flexible enough to fit on a drill body or the barrel of a jackhammer, but still stubborn like their harder cousins – their manufacturers expect them to last for 10 years of regular outdoor use, too.Even though they’re metal, the anodization process allows them to hold a large 1D or good-sized 2D bar code for easiest asset tracking.

These tough labels aren’t just for industrial applications, either. BikeGuard, a free online asset tracking service for bike owners, uses PlioGuard QR tags to keep tabs on bikes, and AlumiGuard tags work perfectly on recreational equipment from golf carts to kayaks.

AlumiGuard tags

AlumiGuard™ tags can withstand scratches, friction, fire, ice, water, chemicals… We think they’ll survive a fall from an airplane, but we’re still waiting for someone to test the theory.
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